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Hi, I'm Lourdes Juanis! Founder of Co'tantic

Spanish. 15 years in 4 countries is my DNA. Spain: Economist, my profession. Italy: Interior architect, my vocation. Mexico: The project, my nutrition. Argentina: Shaping, my definition.

And yes, Co'tantic was not by chance, I wanted it to happen... nothing in Co'tantic really happens by chance.

Co'tantic, heart written in the language of the Mayans, emerges as a spring project in San Miguel de Allende, state of Guanajuato, Mexico, sitting on a terrace observing so many artists who are artists without knowing it.

Co’tantic is creating from the heart, it is passion, it is strength, it is color, it is cultural heritage, it is commitment, it is sustainability and, above all, respect.

It was born with international visibility, from the taste for design with soul, from the taste for the original. We connect the craftsman with current designs incorporating curated materials and listening to the client's tastes and concerns.

Co’tantic presents objects that transmit values ​​and concrete feelings, which help us to reconnect the mind with the hands and the materials. Pieces where the human factor has a leading value, taking care of the details and respecting the materials.

Furniture, textiles…all our handmade creations are committed to incorporating a social return to the communities that make them, offering sustainability and design, modernity and innovation. Our mission, to enhance environments with pieces that occupy a leading role. Unique pieces that speak with a global language.

Our cardinal points: