1. Areas of application

These General Conditions of Use, Contracting and Sale (hereinafter “General Conditions” or simply “CG”) regulate the use of the website www.cotantic.com (hereinafter the “website” or “cotantic. com"), which makes available to the people who access it (hereinafter the "user" or "users"), in order to provide them with information regarding different products, whether their own or those of third-party collaborators, and to provide them with access to them through their acquisition under the conditions offered on the WEB, through the established contracting procedure (all jointly referred to as the "SERVICES"). These GC apply to the purchase of goods that must be delivered in Spain (hereinafter the "Products"). The confirmation of the order by the buyer implies the unreserved acceptance of these GTC, which prevail over all previous versions or specifications issued by the buyer, including the exchange of emails.

Under these conditions, Co'tantic provides information about different products, its own or those of third parties, offering its members the possibility of acquiring them through Cotantic.com, under the conditions specified here. The different offers offered to members on the WEB are aimed exclusively at end users of legal age. Therefore, when accessing the contracting of the SERVICES, the user declares to be of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to contract the SERVICES. Co'tantic is not responsible for the legal consequences and expenses that may arise from the contracting of the SERVICES by a minor or incapable person, being in any case responsible whoever is thus in accordance with Law or, in any case, , the parents or guardians who are in charge of them.

Co'tantic reserves the right not to make any contract with any user who makes fraudulent use of the website or who breaches or contravenes any of the conditions contained in these General Conditions, in which case Co' tantic withdraw your membership from the website and deny you access to cotantic.com.

The user must have carefully read these CG before contracting the SERVICES. The realization of any order by the User entails in any case the total and express acceptance, without any reservation, of these CG, as well as of the Data Policy.

These General Conditions apply to all contracts that members enter into through cotantic.com, as well as to all commercial relationships of all kinds between Co'tantic and its members.

These CG can be modified, so it is recommended to read them before placing each order.

  1. Orders


There may be differences between the Products delivered and those represented on the Site or catalogue, mainly as regards handcrafted Products, whose manufacturing homogeneity cannot be guaranteed. Such differences, since they do not influence the basic characteristics of the products and do not affect their quality, cannot justify a cancellation of the order or a refusal of delivery. Since an exact representation of the products on the Website and/or in the catalogs cannot be guaranteed, in particular due to differences in color finishes in Internet browsing software and/or on screens, the brand Co'tantic cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the photographs that appear on the Site.

Any order of Products is subject to their availability, in such a way that, if there are difficulties regarding their supply or lack of stock, the Co'tantic brand expressly reserves the right to inform of any other product in substitution of the same quality and value. In the event that the product substitution offer is rejected, the Co'tantic brand will reimburse the amounts that have been paid.


The order is firm, for the buyer, from the moment it is confirmed. For the Co'tantic brand, from the validation of the payment and the confirmation of the taking into account of the order.

  1. Price / Payment


The prices of the Products appear in euros. Taxes related to the sale of Products are included, including VAT.


The delivery of the Products may be made by carrier or by postal parcel. The type of transport and its price will be specified when placing the order.

The handling and shipping costs are calculated exactly for each of your orders.

Delivery time varies depending on the product, but approximately decoration accessories have an estimated time of between 24h-72h. Furniture, seats and lighting can take between 5 and 20 business days.



The invoice addressed to the buyer will take the data indicated by him in his customer account. The buyer can modify this data each time he makes a new order from the website.

The buyer who works as a professional must contact the Professional Service of the Co'tantic brand before the final validation of an order to issue a professional invoice. The professional client will communicate to the Co'tantic brand the necessary data for the issuance of the invoice, as well as their intra-community VAT number.

  1. Delivery


When you place your order, you will be told the method of delivery (by carrier or by parcel post). Our order delivery conditions are Ex Works (in the factory). We work with transport agencies outside of Co'tantic. We do not have our own transport.

Pricing table

Type of product
Price for domestic shipping
High tables
Low tables
Lighting (except AKKTUM model)
Cushions and Mongos

Delivery by packages: The delivery of your order will be made by a carrier specialized in express delivery. A delivery man will appear at your address after the shipment of the merchandise. The packages will be left at your address or where you have indicated. Prices do not include installation.

Delivery by carrier: The delivery of your order will be made by a carrier specialized in the delivery of furniture.Your furniture will be delivered wrapped, in boxes or on pallets to guarantee maximum protection. Our delivery service will contact you to set a delivery date. Attention: before placing the order, you must check, especially in terms of size and volume, that your products can be transported through the access roads to the place of delivery. We will deliver the items to you by appointment within 5 days to 4 weeks from the confirmation of the order, on the date agreed with the carriers (unless otherwise indicated at the time of the order, for example, if the product is in a state of provisioning). Our delivery service will contact you by phone to make an appointment.

Upon acceptance of the estimate by the buyer and the Co'tantic brand, the buyer must mention the obstacles to a delivery by normal access routes (stairs, elevator, doors on the landing) in the order form and remind the carrier. The buyer must verify the order in advance, in particular, in relation to the specifications of the products in terms of size and volume, that they can be transported by the access roads to the place of delivery.

The impossibility of delivering the Products on the agreed date by the carriers, due to the absence of the buyer or information on the need to resort to specific means of delivery, may give rise to the payment of additional delivery costs and /or to the cancellation of the order by the Co'tantic brand. The risks of the Product are transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery or on the date of the first presentation of the products by the carriers on the delivery date agreed with the latter.

In the cases in which the respective availability dates of the Products of an order were different, the Co'tantic brand will propose to the buyer to split his order. In case of divided delivery, the participation in the delivery costs indicated in point 3.2. will be applied in each of the fractions of the order. If a divided delivery is not made, the delivery will take place on the date of availability of all the Products ordered.


Upon receiving the order, the buyer must proceed with all the necessary examinations to detect possible breakdowns, deficiencies, defects or other apparent flaws, as well as the non-conformity of the Products delivered with his order. In particular, the buyer must check the condition of the packaging, the number of packages and the Products in terms of quantity, reference, condition and characteristics.

In case of claim, the buyer must contact the customer service department of the online store at info@cotantic.com

Likewise, the buyer must be able to provide any proof that is required in relation to the reality of the claims filed and offer the Co'tantic brand, its carriers or any person delegated by them, the necessary facilities to proceed with their verification; the buyer must refrain from intervening or having a third party intervene for this purpose.

Accepted claims will result in an exchange of the defective or non-conforming Product, or its refund in case of unavailability of the Product in the warehouse or with the suppliers. The returned Product must be delivered to the carriers in perfect condition, in its original packaging and provided with all its accessories. No spontaneous return will be accepted without the agreement of the Co'tantic brand.